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Voya Financial Advisors Orange County Wealth Management

Getting and staying organized is key to retirement planning success.


When everything is in place up front, you minimize your work and maximize your time. Plus, looking at your goals and finances in a structured way can help you get a better handle on any challenges or concerns.

We’ll help you get organized right from the start with our 5-step process.


We’ll start with an in-depth discussion about what you want your retirement to be and then we'll explain some of the ways we’ll work toward it. This is the time when we really get to know who you are, what your hopes are, and even what your fears are.


Gather your information together so we can review what you have before developing your retirement income plan.


We will create a holistic retirement income plan based on your tolerance for investment risk and the length of time you have to invest. The plan builds on your data and reflects your needs and wishes.


We’ll put your plan into action by making the product and investment changes we discussed. Your plan will be tailored to your specific situation and designed to create income throughout your retirement.


The approach is on-going – we will meet at least once a year to review your plan, look at the investment performance and consider how any lifestyle changes may affect your next year in retirement. If any changes are necessary, this is when we will update your financial plan.