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A Rare Commodity~Handwritten Notes

A Rare Commodity~Handwritten Notes

March 18, 2020
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To our friends, colleagues and clients, as we know these are unprecedented times that we have not seen before so instead of writing about the obvious, here are a few ideas of what we can do during a very out of control season. 

I was looking through some amazing blog posts I could write but could not help but go back to how I will spend time with my oldest granddaughter this weekend to celebrate her birthday. I have been a little busy so we delayed it for a few weeks. Her birthday was in February. We were planning on heading to Paris in a Cup. a lovely little tea house in Old Town Orange where I Iive and work. She loves to have tea with me.  We were then going to go shopping together to pick out some new clothes for her, then head to church and afterwards have dinner. This is my time alone with her and what I do with each grandchild, I happen to have 12 and a 13th on the way so my year is filled with joy and love with these children. 

She texted me and after returning her call this morning to tell her I am sorry but we will have to delay our time. She said, "That's  ok grandma," talk about melt my heart right then and there. I said, "How about we make cookies and take (seriously, I make great cookies!) them to my neighbors? We will wrap them pretty and put notes in them." She responded with, "how fun, yes grandma, let's do that!"

📩 What can we do to support and show value to one another? How about send cards, send notes not just emails but handwritten notes. I make mine. I personally make every note card that goes out and the response is always wonderful. 

💌Send a note, send a card. Let’s show and say how others are a blessing with a small note.
📫 Keep in mind the elderly who love notes as well.
✏️Look around your craft table, cut a potato or sponge, find glue and glitter and let them dry. I used a heart shaped cookie cutter , dipped it in red paint, then put glitter on them for clients and sent off homemade Valentine cards. Be creative and if that is a challenge, figure out Pinterest. There are a lot of great ideas there. 
📜 Let’s show the world and ourselves this is a setback not a defeat while at the same time, blessing those around us. 

America Strong!